Spring is Here and We’re Back in Action!

Why choose ecoLogical for your lawn care and maintenance this season?

We have been so lucky to have had nice, warm weather in Boulder over the past few weeks. This means we are spending more time outside and that our kids and pets are spending more time playing on the lawn.  Why not get a head start on your lush, green summer lawn… the ecoLogical way!

As you may know, ecoLogical Lawn Care & Tree Care is your earth (and family)-friendly alternative to traditional lawn care practices. Nearly 18 million acres of land is dedicated to landscaped grass in the U.S, according to the EPA, and Americans use 70 million pounds of toxic synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns each year. This means a whole lot of chemicals and carcinogens are getting dispersed all around us of our families and pets to be exposed to. Is it really worth it…?

The good news is that all of these fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides are not necessary. And that is where ecoLogical comes in…

We provide safe, clean, non-toxic, organic lawn care so that you can still get the thick, green, and healthy lawn – without the chemicals and heath hazards. Throughout Boulder we’ve seen yards transform from brown, hard, dried-up lawns to lush, green lawns just by taking another approach. Instead of depleting the soil’s nutrient levels with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, our strategies nurture, replenish, and enrich the soil to promote the growth of thick grass. And thick, healthy turf means less weed infestations, too.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our equipment is clean and quiets, zero to low emissions that are either cordless electric or propane powered.

Keep checking-in all season long for news, tips, and insights about organic lawn care!

Our Spring 2012 services include:

Core Aeration

Organic Bio-Fertility

Sprinkler Start-Ups

Slit Seeing or Overseeding

Compost Tea

Weekly Cut & Trim

Yard and Garden Clean-Up


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