Now is the Time to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring!

Fall lawn care is important for keeping your grass green as long as possible as well as preparing your lawn for winter. 


Aerating creates space in the soil for air, water, and nutrients to reach the plant roots where they are most needed.  Soil can become compacted from heavy rain, foot traffic or snow cover.  Aerating soil in fall will help prepare the lawn for winter and allow the grass plants to absorb as many nutrients as possible.


Your grass is still growing and possibly recovering from drought or other summer stresses.  Fertilizing is important because now your turf is storing vital nutrients for winter, so making sure it has enough nitrogen and potassium will help keep it healthy through the colder months and ready to thrive in the spring.

Sprinkler Blow-out:

We perform a system blow-out for your sprinkler to prevent frozen or burst pipes over the winter. This is a must -do!


Over time thatch, or dead vegetation, becomes interwoven and forms a mat, or thatch layer. This layer prevents air, nutrients and water from reaching your turf’s roots. Dethatching will break-up this layer so that it doesn’t suffocate your lawn.

 Compost Tea:

Compost Tea replenishes the soil with living microbes to increase nutrient levels.  This will ensure that your soil remains healthy during the winter so that when spring arrives, your turf and gardens will flourish!

Garden Beds:

Whether it’s your vegetable or flower beds, it is necessary prepare them for the winter freeze so that next year’s gardens will flourish. This may include removing spent annual and vegetable plants so that pests don’t invade, amending the soil with nutrients, and adding mulch to provide a protective layer during the cold months.

 Fall Clean-up:

A complete clean-up and preparation for the dormant winter season. Raking leaves, trimming and pruning the dead growth from shrubs and trees are a couple of examples of how we tidy up the yard for a safe winter.


2 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring!

  1. Now is also the time to amend the soil with a limestone application for those with acidic soil or gardener’s sulfur for those who have alkaline soils. Doing this gives the sulfur or lime a couple of months to neutralize the soil and be ready for the following growing season.

  2. My comment to this post is a little late for preparation for the winter season, however, I would add that the last one of two mowings be decreased to a height of 2 inches in the Northeast and similar areas, so the lawn can mitigate snow mold as well as trick the grass plant to start storing up its energy source for the long harsh winter ahead versus exhausting energy in growing via photosynthesis.

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